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American dinner plates graced by more seafood

American dinner plates graced by more seafood

This past week, the seafood industry received great news. Lunch and dinner menus across the nation are featuring more protein from the ocean. American's are gobbling it up.

NOAA released their annual fisheries report with seafood consumption showing a pound increase. With an estimated U.S. per capita consumption of fish and shellfish at 15.5 pounds (edible meat) in 2015, this figure was a jump of 0.9 pounds from the 14.6 pounds consumed in 2014.

The study also report species landings by size and port of harvest. One of our personal favorites tops the list in terms of volume. Lobster is #1.

Then and Now


The company grew quickly and accumulated more customers, eventually landing accounts in Europe as well as large local grocery stores. By the early 1990’s it was clear that the existing facility was too small.


In 2001, the company built a new facility in Groton, Connecticut which allowed for a 300,000 pound holding capacity. That same year Garbo purchased a location in Hancock, Maine, as well as another facility in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


Garbo Lobster partnered with East Coast Seafood in 2012 to purchase and renovate the old Bumble Bee Tuna plant in Prospect Harbor, Maine, where the two companies started Maine Fair Trade Lobster. The company processes lobster meat and frozen lobster tails to meet growing industry demands.


The company serves customers around the world with Dave Garbo still working seven days a week. Garbo Lobster continues to supply the world with fresh lobster at the best possible price while offering hundreds workers essential employment in the seafood industry.

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