east coast seafood

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Sustainable Business

The company is strongly committed to sustainable practices, responsible business, and unrivaled quality. In keeping with these important company policies, ECSG and subsidiaries have created a Plan Green initiative which is more than a company mission; it is a way of life.

Our goal is to increase the value of seafood worldwide to all partners, through ongoing education and by exceeding industry standards for corporate environmental and social responsibility. Plan Green
focuses on five areas of change: energy, waste, community, education, and sustainability.

Sustaining Seafood Education

Lobster Academy™ offers a unique educational opportunity that links the production environment with the natural environment and connects buyers with communities. The three-day educational events combine lectures with facility tours and demonstrations, with topics reflecting industry issues like traceability, sustainability, certification, demand, pricing issues, processing and regulatory needs. Instructors are at the top of their fields and classes host a maximum of twenty people, usually representatives from domestic and international food service, retail, and distributors.


  • Long standing community involvement.

  • Commitment to quality.

  • Close relationships with the harvesters.

  • Excellent quality control.

  • Long time industry knowledge.

  • Value added items for enhanced use of the resource.

  • Increased use of under utilized fish species.